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Ericeira, Portugal as a Solo Female Traveller

Ericeira, a small fishing village located just 45 minutes northwest of Lisbon, is the perfect destination for a two-day getaway. As a single female traveler, I couldn’t resist the allure of Ericeira’s beautiful beaches and charming streets. So, I packed my bags and set off on an adventure to this picturesque town. Over two days, I was able to fully immerse myself in the local culture and experience all that Ericeira had to offer. From watching the surfers on the Atlantic waves to exploring the winding streets of the old town, my time in Ericeira was filled with excitement and relaxation. If you’re considering a solo trip to Portugal, I highly recommend adding Ericeira to your itinerary.

How to Get To Ericeira

There are two ways to get to Ericeira: you can take the bus or you can drive/uber.

Bus: There are no trains to Ericeira, but those who choose not to rent a car can take the bus operated by the Mafrense company, which departs from the Campo Grande terminal in Lisbon. It’s found right outside the Campo Grande metro station (which is on the green and yellow lines), across from the Alvalade XXI/Sporting Lisbon Stadium. It terminates in Ericeira but makes several stops on the way, through the suburbs. Only a few times a day is the route shortened and partially goes through a highway. This means that the same bus service can either take just over one hour to reach Ericeira, or as long as 1 hour and 40 minutes, depending on the time of day. It also has irregular departure times, but there are one or two buses per hour, between 6:27am and 11:45pm (11:25pm on Saturdays and 11:40pm on Sundays). The bus bays at the terminal are numbers 24 and 25. Those departing from number 25 also stop in Mafra, but those from number 24 do not. Tickets are bought from the driver and are €6.40 for a one-way journey. 

Drive/Uber: My uber ride from Lisbon was 40 euro each way (~1 hour drive). If you want the convenience of door-to-door service and aren’t on a tight budget, I’d take the uber. Costs will fluctuate depending on uber rates. 

Where to Stay in Ericeria

Laneez Ericeira Surf House    $

Located within 5 minutes walking distance to town, Laneez is the best budget option in Ericeira. With a huge terrace that overlooks the Prai Du Sol, you won’t be able to beat the view for the price. Dorms and double rooms are available. The hostel is clean and has a very welcoming staff. They offer surf and yoga lessons. 

Blue Buddha Beach Rooms & Suites   $$

The Blue Buddha Beach House located right in the city center of Ericeira, offers short-term rentals. They have an incredible sea view as the building is located right on top of the Praia do Norte beach. If you are looking for options for a longer-term stay, check out their Beach House option.

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Where To Eat in Ericeria

Balagan $$

Balagan is a unique Middle Eastern-inspired restaurant with vegan and gluten-free options located at Praia do Sul, Ericeira. A casual beach house for yourself, your friends, and your family where you are kindly invited to eat, drink, and enjoy living while gazing at the stunning waterfront views. My friends and I came here every morning for a coffee and a pastry and the service was great and coffee even better! They use the same Brazilian coffee brand, Baboa, that I drink when I am in Lisbon. We also came here for dinner on our first night and were pleased with the mix of meat and veggie options.

Nalu Bowls $

In the summer, when the days are hot, and you need a little break from the beach, Nalu Bowls is the answer. My friends and also came here a few times in the 4 days we were in Ericeria and enjoyed their fresh and delicious smoothie bowls and strong ginger shots.

Amour Soul Space $

girl serving coffee in cafe in ericeira

Once you wake up and walk around this little town looking for coffee, you should ensure you stumble across Amour for your first hit of caffeine. They make a variety of coffee drinks and also host events throughout the week. Check their website linked above to see the latest. 

Nutwood Gelataria $

Enjoy Italian-style gelato from nutwood on a hot day. They offer a variety of flavors and the staff are incredibly friendly. 

Mar das Latas $$

I recommend making a reservation at Mar das Latas for one of your nights in Ericeria. There is a small wine bar if you don’t want to have a full dinner meal here, but the dinner is worth the reservation. A large selection of Portuguese wines, and modern takes on Portuguese dishes leave you feeling satisfied. An excellent Ericeira restaurant for a date night or time with friends.

Esplanada Furnas $$

In Ericeira, it’s easy to find seafood. Esplanada Furans has exceptionally fresh seafood & is located right on the water. Order your choice of the fresh fish available in the front, and the servers will grill it to perfection and de-bone it at the table. Pair with a Portuguese glass of wine. This is easily one of my favourite Ericeria restaurants.

In summary, if you feel like you need a break from the bigger Portuguese cities and want to try some Ericeria restaurants, this is the perfect place to enjoy some seafood and enjoy the sea. The white and blue buildings bring charm to this local fishing village that brings surfers and travellers together. This is the perfect spot for a weekend getaway from Lisbon, or a longer trip if you want to enjoy the slower pace of life.


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