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Perks of Panama City

Perks of Panama City:

  • -modern skyscrapers
  • -delicious popsicles
  • -fresh ceviche

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Sean arrived safe and soundly and I was so excited to see him. We met at our hostel, El Machico, in the Marbella neighbourhood of Panama and caught up over Balboas. I’d recommend staying at El Machico as it was located in a good area close to shopping and restaurants, comfy beds, and super friendly staff.  
I was excited to be in Panama City for a few days because it was a nice change from the small beach towns I’ve been staying in and I needed to go shopping. Thank you American shopping centres. 

I wasn’t sure what to expect in Panama City but I enjoyed our three days here. I heard mixed things on the road about what there was to do in the city but here are the highlights.


Where We Stayed:

El Machico Hostel is a young and dynamic Hostel, situated in a big house in Marbella zone, among the more exclusive zones of Panama City, located near the pharmacy, restaurants, supermarkets, ATMs, shopping centers and Hard Rock Cafè.


Link to Hostelworld

Casco Viejo 

This was the area we spent the most time in the city eating and walking around. Our first night we grabbed a drink at Capital Bistro Panama that had an excellent view of the city skyline. My other recommendations in Casco Viejo are Tantalo for lunch/dinner/dancing at night and Paletta America for the most delicious popsicles we have ever eaten. 


Amador Causeway

Walk from Casco Viejo to the fish market for fresh ceviche. Sean and I enjoyed it but our Swedish friends who have just come from Peru thought otherwise. Then walk along the coastline on a beautifully maintained trail and if you have the energy, take advantage of the outdoor gyms. 

Panama Canal

I first saw the Panama Canal on a cruise almost ten year ago and it was still great to see again. This impressive man made structure carries the worlds goods from Pacific to Atlantic and back again. Seeing how the Panamanians are integrating new technology into the canal was really interesting to learn. 

Other Experiences for Your Next Trip

Three days was the perfect amount of time in the city before we set off on our four day tour of San Blas taking us to Columbia. 


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