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Perks of Minca

Perks of Minca:

  • -jungle hikes
  • -waterfalls
  • -blended mojito happy hour and artisanal bread 

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Travelling During Covid-19

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I tagged along with Joel and Malu to Minca. After walking for three hours through the jungle to leave Tayrona, making a short lunch break at the Buena Vista Mall in Santa Marta, we made our way to Minca. 

Minca is a 30 minute drive away from Santa Marta and is known for hikes and coffee tours. We arrived on a rainy day so we spent the rest of the day checking out Cafe Minca and dining at Lazy Cat for dinner. Both I would highly recommend! 

The next day after a false early start we hiked up from town to the infamous Casa Elemento hostel with the “gigantic hammock”. This is a really popular spot in Minca. The jungle was really nice to walk through, albeit uphill. We were sweating up a storm but after an hour we arrived at Finca de Esperanza- with a massive waterfall! 


We made friends with many of our doggie tour guides

Afterwards, we continued uphill on the muddy path and made it in a sweaty hot state to Casa Elemento. We enjoyed the slightly bigger than average hammock for some pictures and then grabbed some lunch during a downpour. Malu and I opted to take the motorbike back down the muddy path which was a super fun ride. 

We lazed around and enjoyed the view from our hostel and then ended up at Lazy Cat for their happy hour – cheese burgers and cocktails. The blended mojito is a must try! 


Blended mojitos – oh so good

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The next morning we woke up and Cafe Minca was closed for breakfast so we ventured around and found Duni. This was such a good find! 

After a relaxing afternoon in town, we headed back to Santa Marta and caught the English showing of Wonder Woman. An excellent few days with my beach bums Joel and Malu !!


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