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Perks of Costa Rica 

Perks of my time in Costa Rica: learning to surf, mangos and diverse fruits everywhere, visiting Manuel Antonio with Diana, my first homestay experience and meeting interesting people 

I’ve spent 4 weeks in the lush country of Costa Rica and it’s been amazing. This week I made a small living change and moved in with a local host family in town to help practise my spanish. Inez and her family were such comfortable hosts and they made me feel welcome in their home. I had a private room and shared the house bathroom which was great. The shower only had cold water but it came gushing out of a large spout and it’s what I looked forward to every day after sweating literally all day. Inez helped me progress my Spanish by speaking slowly enough for me to understand and she also told me interesting stories of her life and other people that have stayed with her. This was my first homestay experience and I believe it’s the best way to progress my Spanish level and get to know the locals. This experience was so good that I’ve already booked next week in Bocas Del Toro, Panama with another family for a week! 

Inez and her family with my house sister Lea

Inez made us breakfast and dinner every day. Avocado toast with eggs for breakfast and usually a combination of rice, vegetables and a meat for dinner. It was delicious! 

With my time in Costa Rica coming to an end, I’ve put together the highlights of my trip here.

Where I stayed:

Favourite eats:

Cafe Emilio’s – Manuel Antonio

I’d highly recommend the tuna steak and cheesecake for dessert

Favourite store in Jaco:

Buena Nena 

This store was made for me. I purposely avoided it multiple times because I would have bought way more, but I did finally go in and get the sun hat I wanted! They have everything from colourful pillowcases, lace and feminine clothing, and delicate accessories. 

Favourite excursion:

Playa Escondida (Hidden Beach)

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:

How I’m getting from Costa Rica to Panama 

I’ve decided to stay one night in San Jose and then book a shuttle on Sunday to take me directly to Bocas del Toro in Panama. I booked my shuttle with Gecko Trail. It’s a 10.5hr drive and they stop in Puerta Viejo for lunch. 

Cross your fingers for me that all goes well! Getting from point A to point B always brings on a bit of anxiety for me but I’m sure I’ll get to panama in one piece. 

Pura Vida! 


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  1. What a great picture of your host family and you. Now onto the next adventure, travel safe sweetie, love you❤️❤️❤️

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