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My Favourite Travel Products

I have spent over 10 years travelling the world and tried and tested so many different products. The products I am highlighting here are products I have bought over and over again, or I’ve bought once and they’ve held up their quality and value. These are my favourite things for travelling!

* I do not have affiliate links for these companies so I have direct linked you to the businesses where you can purchase. None of these recommendations are sponsored * 

Luggage & Packing

Monos Carry On Luggage

Buy on Monos.com

I asked for this for my 30th birthday gift from my parents, and they delivered. I have now used this over 10 times in the last year and it’s my favourite bag to use for short trips. The size fits for *most* airlines carry on policies and all the features make this a premium bag that I plan to use for many years. 

I ordered in Desert Taupe and as much as I love the colour, the few times I’ve had to check it, the marks come through from the rough handling. I would opt for a darker colour. 

Beis Weekender Bag

Weekender Bags

This bag is perfectly designed to fit everything you could possibly need for a weekend. There are small details that make a big difference, like the bottom compartment for laundry or shoes, a side pocket for your phone and keys for easy retrieval, and a laptop pocket (although hopefully you are not working on the weekend!). 

Bagail Packing Cubes

Buy on Amazon Canada

I’ve used these packing cubes for over 5 years now and they’ve keep me organized and held up over multiple uses. It comes with two larger sizes, two medium and two small. I use the larger ones for pants, dresses and shirts, the medium ones for workout clothes, and the smaller ones for socks, bras, and underwear. 

WANDF Toiletry Bag

Toiletry Bag 

Buy on Amazon Canada

This is the first toiletry bag that I’ve bought that holds all my larger products that I have always felt are a pain to travel with. In the back, there is another zipper compartment for make-up and smaller products. The ability to unzip and hang makes this a versatile product for when you are backpacking or on more luxurious travel excursions. 

Clothes & Accessories

adidas ultra boost

Adidas Ultraboost

Buy at Adidas Canada

I’d be hardpressed to find anyone who likes to walk as much as I do. Long walks require comfortable shoes and these adidas ultraboost shoes are it! I bought them in a off white (almost blue-ish) colour and they match with lots of outfits and keep me happy as I walk and explore. 

Babton sculpt knit tank

Babton Sculpt Knit Tank

Buy at Artizia

A thick, well made tank top that hold you in (no bra needed!)… need I say more. I have these in 3 colours and 2 different styles and they have held up for years. Perfect for long trips on the airplane for layering. 

SOJOS Vintage Square Cateye

Buy on Amazon

An affordable, classy pair of sunglasses that are polarized as well as $19 sunglasses can be. I prefer to bring cheaper sunglasses with me on my travels so these work perfectly. 

KOV cloud clip

Kov Essentials Hair Clip

Buy at Kov Essentials

I love a small women-owned Canadian business and Kov Essentials makes the BEST hair clips. I have thick hair and I have beat up this clip to no end and it’s still in perfect condition. 

Other Goodies

Nudestix Bohemian Rose


Buy at Nudestix

It’s hard to bring TONS of makeup with you when you have limited space, but we still want to look good, so enter Nudestix. Nudestix is a Canadian born company and their formulas are perfect for travel because this single product can be used as blush, lip colour, and as an eyeshadow. 

Hydraflow Water Bottle

We need to stay hydrated when we travel and this water bottle keeps the water cool! Better than buying plastic water bottles, just remember when going through security at the airport that you empty it and fill it up past security.

Saje Immune Remedy

Saje Immune Remedy

Buy at Saje.ca

You may or may not need a mask to travel on planes these days but either way, this roll on smells so good and tingles when you initially put it on. It would be a stretch to say that it gives you a spa like experience on a plane, but it certainly helps when you are trying to avoid other people’s smells in close proximities. 


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