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My Favourite Podcasts for a Long Travel Day

I find there are some days that I need a good story, interview, or chit-chatting to get me through a walk or a long journey. I love music too, but when I find a good podcast that pulls me in, it’s one of my favourite experiences. Some of the best stories, pieces of advice, or hearing things that make me laugh have come from the podcasts I listen to. I’ve made a list of them to share with you, and hope you get as much enjoyment out of them as I do. 

Click Here For My Favourite Podcasts 2021 Spotify Playlist

Here are my favourite podcasts and episodes that I listened to this year. You can access all the episodes in the button above to my Perks of Travelling Podcast Playlist on Spotify.

The concept of reply all is a “heightened IT help desk” where callers can send in questions or call in with technology problems that are extraordinary or particularly spammy. In 2021, they have had a focus on Tiktok trends and how they are being translated into everyday life. 

Favourite Episodes: The Long Distance Pt 1 and 2, The Skip Tracer Pt 1 and 2,  & Is Facebook Spying on You

This is the real life story of Iranian – American journalist Jason Rezaian and his wife being held as hostages in Iran’s notorious Evin prison. He was accused by Iran of being an American spy, but his formal title was Washington Post Tehran Correspondent.

Favourite Episodes: Listen in order to get the full story!

Dax Shepard and Monica Padman interview interesting guests including celebrity actors, politicians, and musicians. In 2021, they spun out special episodes partnering with David Farrier called Armchaired and Dangerous, which particularly captured my attention.

Favourite Episodes: Armchaired and Dangerous – Dark Tourism

The Cut’s podast target market is women with sharp, stylish minds. No matter the subject, they address their listeners’ lives head on, with generous wit, unflinching honesty and undeniable power.

Favourite Episodes: Do You Actually Miss The Yoga Studio, You Might Actually Be in Love With Your Best Friend, & Why Do I Feel Weird Saying I’m Bisexual

The Longform Podcast is a weekly conversation with a non-fiction writer on how they tell stories. Not only do you get exposed to topics you may not have thought to research or hear about on your own, you get to hear the passion and perspective of the writers who spend months, or years, researching stories that stay with you years after listening.

Favourite Episode: Special Episode, Evan Ratliff, author of The Mastermind

Lighthearted and fun, co-hosts Ashley Hesseltine and Rayna Greenberg discuss topics around dating, sex, and relationships. They open up about their own experiences and they have built a wonderful community around their inside jokes and personal anedotes.

Favourite Episodes: Tips and Texts for Creating Chemistry ft Matthew Hussey & Let Me Upgrade You


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  1. Hi Amanda

    Love your blog. I am new to the blog so have to catch up!
    My travel web page has some links that I have found helpful on my travels. Rome2Rio is excellent for finding connections by walking, bus, train, plane & ship.

    -regrads peter

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