Lisbon Cafes (That You Cannot Work From)

Lisbon has new cafes popping up left, right, and center but they are all not intended to be new coworking locations (and fair enough). I’ve recently read numerous articles of Lisbon cafes that you can work at, and their only qualification is free wifi. Just because a cafe has wifi does not make it remote work friendly.

Sometimes you want to go to a cafe to catch up with a friend, read a book or magazine, or eavesdrop on a first date, without worrying about tripping over computer cords. If the cafe has less than 8 seats for people to work, has no outlets for charging, has signs that say you cannot work from there, or their wifi is known to not work, I’ve included them on this list. These are Lisbon’s best cafes, that you cannot work from:

Hello Kristof

Address: R. do Poço dos Negros 103, 1200-337 Lisboa

You can’t miss this pink coffee shop while walking down R. do Poco dos Negros. Walking into a small space with a wall of magazines, it’s clear this is a cozy cafe meant for reading or catching up with friends.

Cafe Sao

Address : R. de São Bento 102, 1200-816 Lisbon

Sister cafe to Loja Sao and Home Core, all taking over R. De Sao Bento, Cafe Sao offers a bright inviting interior with coffee, tea and pastries.


Address: R. do Poço dos Negros 168, 1200-267 Lisboa

Opened back in December 2021, Buna Specialty Coffee Shop is located on Rua São Bento corner in Lisbon’s Santos neighborhood. Details like a vintage cash register, old-school record player bring the charm inside, and a small couch makes it feel like you are hanging out in a friend’s living room while you enjoy your hot or cold beverage. In late 2022, they will be opening a second location in Estrela. 

The Mill

Address: R. do Poço dos Negros 1, 1200-335 Lisboa

An Australian-portugese-owned cafe that mixes great coffee with brunch dishes. I recommend the breakfast bagel with their special chilli jam. It’s delicious!


Address: Largo do Conde Barão 25, 1200-163 Lisboa

The bright blue/purple tiles of the Neighborhood cafe and restaurant stand out on the street. Tables are available inside and on the street patio. You will notice they have 4-5 seats for laptop use, but it’s not encouraged. For breakfast, my go to order is a oak milk cappuccino and the veggie egg burito. It is out of this world!

If you come later in the evening, you’ll smell the delicious smash burgers (both meat and veggie) being cooked on the grill. They are my favourite burger in Lisbon so far!

If you are looking for a consistent place to work, and don’t want to roll up to a cafe in hops they have wifi and space for laptops, download the Croissant App to find your space. 

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