I believe life is made in the small moments. The ones where you’ve been taken outside of your comfort zone, where you’ve met a new person and had an incredible day, where you’ve gotten lost and found something spectacular. In my life, most of these moments have happened when I’m traveling. My mind is curious, taking in new sights, sounds, and tastes. I’ve now travelled to over 40 countries and worked remotely in 2. 

Perks of Travelling is a place focused on helping you explore authentic solo travel experiences & working remotely for the short term. I will share how you can connect travelling experiences and work experiences to inspire you to see the world.


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Remote Work Guide

Do you work a 9-5 and want to explore working remotely? 

The concept of having to quit your full time job so that you can live remotely in a new place and work is changing. More companies are open to having a conversation about working for 1-3 months from a different place. Let me teach you how I did it.

Without quitting your job, this guide will teach you:
  • How to write a compelling business case to convince your company to let you work remotely in a new place

  • How to choose the right destination

  • How to pack wisely