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Destination Bachelorette Planning Guide

Destination Bachelorette
Planning Guide

Your friends are getting married and have asked you to be in the wedding party! As part of your duty as maid of honor, bridesmaid, or best man, you’re now on deck to organize and plan the bachelor/bachelorette party! Depending on the bride or groom, these events can range from a dinner to a full weekend away in a destination, which can be overwhelming to plan. 

Luckily for you, I love organizing events and have planned destination bachelorette parties for my friends. Below are the guides and planning templates I’ve put together to help you plan the best bachelorette or bachelor parties for your loved ones. If you need extra personalized help, send me a message below and I’d be happy to chat about my services. 

General Planning Guidelines

Determine Dates & Destination Options with the Bride or Groom

Schedules get booked in before you know it! Try to plan 4-6 months out in order to get the best rates on hotels, activities, and ensure you plan the activities that your group is looking to do & ensure that most of your guests can come

Invites Guests 

Ask the bride or groom for all of their desired attendees emails & phone numbers. I’d recommend starting a whatsapp group to avoid missing anyone that doesn’t have an iphone. 


Create The Itinerary

Book your accommodations (if required), plan out the activities, and ensure to schedule some downtime to ensure guests are energized for the main events. 

Create Group Chat 

Create a whatsapp or iMessage group (if everyone has an Apple phone) to update the invitees on the itinerary, what to pack and any details that they need to know in order to enjoy the trip. They

Ask the Bride/ Groom What They Want to Do

The whole reason this trip is happening is for the bride or groom so include them in the planning. Ask them what type of activities they want to do and it will help inform the itinerary. 

Little Details

There are some small details that help the bride or groom feel special. Don’t forget to consider decorations, the bride or grooms favorite drinks, or maybe even small gifts for everyone to enjoy the weekend. 

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