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Lies I’ve Told As a Female Traveller

I attended a storytelling event in Lisbon this week, hosted by Storytelling Lisboa, and the theme of the evening was lies. The event is made up of 10 storytellers, all of who got up on stage and told a personal, true story for 10 minutes, and lying was the common theme. The performers told stories of lovers who lied, lies they told to their family members, and lies they believed and told themselves. It made me think if I were to go up on stage and tell a story, what would my story have been? And that’s when I thought… I would tell a story about the lies I’ve told as a female solo traveler. I didn’t get up on stage, but I wanted to share here the story I would have told if I did.

My Favourite Podcasts for a Long Travel Day

I find there are some days that I need a good story, interview, or chit-chatting to get me through a walk or a long journey. I love music too, but when I find a good podcast that pulls me in, it’s one of my favourite experiences. Some of the best stories, pieces of advice, or hearing things that make me laugh have come from the podcasts I listen to. I’ve made a list of them to share with you, and hope you get as much enjoyment out of them as I do.

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