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Lisbon Coworking Cafes

With more and more digital nomads moving to Lisbon, there is misinformation about all the great cafes you can work from. Many of the coffee shops that once didn’t mind the occasional digital nomad coming by to work for a few hours, the upward trend of nomads coming into a cafe and taking it over is on the rise, and cafes are pushing back. Rightfully so, not all cafes are set up to host digital nomads, nor do they want to. However, there are still options if you don’t want to pay for a coworking location. I have read over 20 blogs where the cafes mentioned are terrible to work from, or the location no longer allows it, so I’ve put together an updated list of the cafes you can work from.

You can read more about my favorite cafes that you cannot work from here: Best Cafes (That You Cannot Work From) In Lisbon

I have worked from all the below recommendations, and these locations have wifi, have significant space, tables, and outlets for use, and do not mind people working for many hours in the same seat. Please remember these are businesses, and not public libraries, so it’s important to support the businesses by buying food and drinks while you are working from these wonderful cafes and restaurants.

These are my go-to recommendations if you are looking for a place to work occasionally.


Address: Rua do Arco a S. Mamede 87A, 1250-026 Lisboa

With fun music and great coffee, The VENUE, located in Principle Real, is a wonderful place to visit for a coworking day.


Address: Rua da Boavista – 66 , 1200-262 Lisbon

Newly opened in 2022, Graviola is a health food restaurant and coffee shop. They have an extensive brunch, lunch, and dinner menu if you get hungry while working. There are 5-8 tables that have outlets and the wifi is consistently strong. Nick, the owner, is super friendly and the staff are always helpful.

DUAL (formerly Give It A Shot)

Address: Rua Dom Luis I, 22, 1200-151 Lisbon

With a tagline of “Real Coffee. Real Food. Good Vibes.”, DUAL is a great place to enjoy a coffee and work for a few hours. It’s likely you’ll bump into someone you know here as it is a well-known coworking cafe. There are over 20 seats available to work from and couched nooks if you are having a more casual day. If you plan to work here, they do have a $10 minimum spend if you want to work for a few hours here. 

Outsite Cowork Cafe

Address: Rua de S. Paulo 109, 1200-066 Lisboa

Outsite is a network of coliving and coworking locations and they have a coworking cafe under their co-living building in Cais do Sodre. Passes are available for purchase to use their coworking cafe, which starts at a daily rate of 17 euros, which includes a welcome drink.

A Padaria Portuguesa

Address: Various locations across Lisbon

A chain of Portuguese bakeries, they offer open seating and a wide selection of baked goods and coffee. I’d recommend the brownies if you need a pick me up in the afternoon.

In summary, Lisbon is a great destination for digital nomads. The city is filled with charming cafes that offer a comfortable and inspiring place to work. We hope this list of four cafes has given you some ideas for your next work-from-cafe spot in Lisbon. Happy travels and happy working!

If you are looking for a more consistent place to work, I’d recommend downloading the Croissant app, where you can book co-working desks by the hour.



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