Bring on the Perks

Hi there! Thanks for visiting Perks of Travelling. I see the world as an amazing place - filled with interesting people and cultures, delicious foods, and vast landscapes. I have put my heart and soul into sharing my travel stories with you in order to inspire you to explore and break out of your comfort zone. Welcome to my world of being a female solo traveller and digital nomad.

How It All Began

My Solo Travel Journey

I’ve been solo travelling for over 10 years. When I booked my first trips, I was very nervous and didn’t know what I was getting into. I started some of my first trips with tour companies, Contiki and G Adventures, where I met interesting people and got to experience Asia. This gave me the confidence to book a 5 month backpacking solo adventure from Central to South America. During that 5 months, I stayed with local families in every country I went to in order to learn Spanish. I learnt how to surf & dive. I met really interesting people. As a result of overcoming my original fear, I have been able to create some of my most memorable travel experiences!

Recently, while working for a Canadian Salesforce Consulting partner, I was able to request a quarter long remote work opportunity. This allowed me to continue to work for my company and do my job from outside of Canada. I chose to spend the winter in Tamarindo, Costa Rica! It allowed me to continue to work at the job I really enjoyed, and then once I shut my computer, was able to walk to the beach, surf, and enjoy a new place and friends.

My Career Journey

I am a confident woman in tech who built a career around Salesforce. Salesforce is a business platform to help companies connect with their customers and partners using data to backup their business decisions. I have held many different types of roles including: Account Manager, Project Manager, Business Analyst, Quality Assurance, & Product Management.

There is so much opportunity to grow a career with Salesforce without having a computer science background! I love talking to women about the opportunity to work in tech, want to help you understand what type of roles there are, and how you can learn the basics and find the right opportunities for work.

Make the leap! The best experiences I've had in my life are on the trips I've taken.

— Amanda —